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CAPPADOCIA 22-23 Novembre 2016: Coordination Action Pro «Production, Avionics, Design» on Cost-efficiency in Aeronautics

Depuis 3 ans, Efficient Innovation est engagé dans un projet exceptionnel mandaté par la commission européenne : élaborer un certain nombre de recommandations stratégiques pour une meilleure coordination des politiques de recherche et d’innovation dans le secteur aéronautique. Cette année le projet atteint un nouveau palier. A cette occasion, un atelier de travail « Usine du futur pour l’aérospatiale » est organisé le 23 novembre 2016 à Bordeaux.

Afin de finaliser ses recherches, CAPPADOCIA organise en collaboration avec EFFRA (European Factories of the Future Research Association), Aerospace Valley et le Conseil régional de Nouvelle Aquitaine, un atelier de travail « Usine du futur pour l’aérospatiale ».
Ce workshop de deux jours aura lieu les 22 et 23 Novembre à Bordeaux, avec un spécial focus sur le projet CAPPADOCIA le mercredi 23 de 13h30 à 16h.


Découvrez le programme de l'événement :

22 & 23 November: Factories of the Future for Aerospace Workshop


Tuesday 22th of November

(Place: Institute Optic, Talence)


Welcome & Opening by the Host

Agnès PAILLARD - President of Aerospace Valley
François Pellerin - Regional council of Nouvelle Aquitaine

The Fof programme

and an introduction to the emerging innovation trends in the Fof 


11:30- 11:45
Presentation of the Work Shop scopes

and approach By EFFRA




Two Parallel ‘Pitch’ sessions

These sessions are focused on providing short and to-the-point presentations (‘pitches’) about innovative manufacturing technologies and approaches. Presentations are approximately 10 minutes long.  


Pitch Session 1: Product and process Simulation

High-Performance Computing & Simulation: HPC is advancing innovation in manufacturing and, through the cloud, is becoming more accessible to manufacturing companies of all sizes. HPC can empower decision making, optimise processes and design, improve quality, predict performance and failure, quicken or eliminate testing, and shorten the time of adoption of new technologies.


Pitch Session 2: Factory automation

Digital technologies change how we manufacture products and how the factory floor is managed, from production lines to operational management. Production systems need to be more responsive to dynamic market demands which require dynamic production re-configurability, scaling and resource optimization, while still achieving (near to) zero-defect manufacturing, high productivity and high quality.


Short refreshment break

Bus leaving from campus to the site visit

Visit on the industrial site

Bus leaving back to the city center




Wednesday 23th of November

(Place: Arts et Métier Paric Tech, Talence)


Breakfast and visit organized by Arts et Métier Paris Tech


Two parallel ‘Pitch’ sessions

These sessions are focused on providing short and to-the-point presentations (‘pitches’) about innovative manufacturing technologies and approaches. Presentations are approximately 10 minutes long.  


Pitch Session 3: Advanced Material processing

How Europe produces goods is being transformed by new and advanced methods of manufacturing (including additive manufacturing) enabling innovative use of materials, high levels of customisation, higher levels of quality and reductions in waste.


Pitch Session 4: Collaborative supply chain

Digitisation plays an important role in managing the value chains, including the inbound and outbound logistics upon which factories rely. Tools as ERP, PLM and data management tools monitor and run the enterprise’s and their product’s life cycle, stimulating the implementation of new Business Models in a Product-Service Economy.



Short coffee break


closing: Round table of 4-5 industrial actors participating in the WS

4-5 aerospace companies presenting briefly what they find to be the most challenging issues in introducing new technologies



A special workshop presented 
by Efficient Innovation 
and all the Partners

Wednesday 23th of November

(Place: Arts et Métiers, Talence)


CAPPADOCIA is a CSA (Coordination and Support Action) funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme which addresses the cost-efficiency issues in the aeronautical sector. CAPPADOCIA focuses on research activities contributing to the achievements of the SRIA goals (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda) defined by ACARE. 
Four priorities are to be considered throughout CAPPADOCIA ongoing investigations:

• The collaborative supply chain.

• Standardization and certification.

• The factory of the future.

• And the new emerging innovations.


12:30 – 13:30


13:30 – 15:30

Session 1: A specific workshop on Cappadocia 3rd Year ongoing achievements. Through a state of the art analysis, technological bottlenecks and gaps have been identified as well as new opportunities towards innovative trends. Those will be challenged through a dedicated workshop so as to enable taking into consideration additional external expert’s views and opinions.


Session 2: A specific meeting gathering some clusters from France, Canada and other countries. Best practices sharing from a national, European and international perspectives towards cost efficiency and public funding opportunities. 

15:30 – 16:00


Si vous souhaitez obtenir de plus amples informations ou vous inscrire à l’évènement, merci de contacter c.larivoire@efficient-innovation.com