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Training in project management methods

Automotive sector, manufacturer
Customer scope: 

Project managers, business lines, hierarchical managers

Efficient Innovation team: 

1 mission director and 1 consultant

In response to difficulties resulting from the slowdown in the market and the emergence of "low-cost" vehicles, this automotive manufacturer decided to launch a major operation to develop its designers’ mentality by training them in disruptive methods of project management.

Mission method: 

Given the strategic issues at stake, the training programme was divided into 3 modules:

- One training module for the different business lines involved in the project. This 5-day training course presented all project management methods (choice of sound design, planning, project supervision and control, monitoring indicators, etc.) based on an example from the automotive sector drawn up specifically for this training module.
- A management awareness module to make managers the driving force in methodical implementation, requiring a result to pass each milestone.  This half-day module helped develop the managers' perception of global project management methods.
- One training module for the future facilitators, or method coordinators. During the business line training module, a number of people were identified who had the motivation and skills to become method facilitators. A special training module was developed to enable them to act as facilitators for the different methods for the project team. This module was followed up by suitable coaching for each of the new facilitators (co-leading of meetings, meeting preparation, silent participation in a meeting and feedback on completed work, exchanges by email or phone, etc.).

Mission outcome 

The management is encouraging project managers to apply all the methods presented and around ten facilitators have been trained to ensure that the different methods are deployed and used. Several projects which were experiencing difficulties are now back on track.

Indirect mission outcome 

A new dynamic has been created within the project teams, a spirit of research into out-of-the-box solutions and innovations has emerged and the results are highly positive.