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Training in optimisation methods

Glassware manufacturer
Customer scope: 

Project managers, development engineers, marketing managers

Efficient Innovation team: 

1 mission director and 1 consultant

Dialogue between the Marketing and R&D departments is rare and when it does take place, communication is unconstructive and insufficient. The objective of this training module was to facilitate exchanges between the two and, using simple methods, to demonstrate their importance for successful project completion. 

Mission method: 

A bespoke module was drawn up in collaboration with the training manager, an R&D sector director and a Marketing manager.

The method on which training is based is functional analysis: this allows an often incomplete marketing brief to be transformed into a functional specification in which the functions desired by the customer or targeted by the Marketing department are linked with their performance criteria.

A bespoke case specific to one division of the Group was drawn up based on a real-life case; starting with the initial brief, it was transformed into functional needs.

The training module included a presentation of all the design methods, with functional analysis as their starting point and a focus on value engineering: this method enables the cost of obtaining each of the functions in the specification to be assessed – a very valuable piece of information for the Marketing department, which is consequently in a position to modify the values of the performance criteria and reposition a product in relation to the market and to the value as perceived or desired by the customer.

Mission outcome 

The participants in these training sessions understood the interest of applying all the methods presented from the start of their project before going on to consider the technical solution. The design of the training module meets expectations and is highly appreciated – more than 100 people have already undergone training and several sessions are scheduled this year.

Indirect mission outcome 

The Marketing and R&D departments have understood the importance of working together, especially at the initial design stage which is decisive for the success or failure of a project.