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“Supporting business transformation for greater global innovation”

Major company producing solutions for variable data printing and product identification (bar codes, series numbers, packaging printing, etc.)
“Supporting business transformation for greater global innovation”
Customer scope: 

Corporate management, Strategic Marketing management, R&D management, Finance management

Efficient Innovation team: 

4 consultants on an 18-month mission

The group has expertise in a number of printing techniques, some very high-speed, on numerous supports. This expertise is based on proven technologies which are approaching the end of scalability. The objective was therefore to find new technologies to exceed current limitations, but also to expand the scope of innovation to include other aspects: services, systems, business model, etc. This required restructuring at the group's different locations.

Mission method: 

The principal difficulty lay in helping the very numerous initiatives, expectations and opportunities in this new field of innovation to emerge, be shared and prioritised within a very short timescale, as we had less than three months to present an initial roadmap to the executive committee.

This is why we used our special “Innovation Specification – Innovation Pitch” approach based on Design Thinking principles to focus energies on the search for innovative proposals which would deliver visible differences with high value added.

We created work groups made up of contributors from the strategic market, the markets of different countries on several continents, “disruptive technologies” teams, R&D, the supply chain (Purchasing, Industrialisation, Quality), the Sales teams, etc. – a total of more than 60 people. Using our method, we facilitated workshops on a number of different strategic issues, such as Health, Visual Performance, Acceptance, which resulted in a selection of some fifty proposals for a "beautiful Innovation story", each of which was presented on self-supporting, neutral sheets of identical format.

We were able to conduct these numerous workshops within the allotted time thanks to our efficient project approach and a succession of meetings aimed solely at identifying and valuating the potential value added necessary for the principal stakeholders in the value chain (project leaders, buyers, opticians, laboratories, ophthalmologists, distributors, health systems (state health insurance, mutual health insurance, guardianships), our customer).

This selection of 50 proposals for innovation were presented, selected and prioritised by the members of the executive committee during a 3-hour meeting resulting in the selection of 12 proposals with strong prioritisation for 3 crucial offerings. These choices were made solely by a vote based on the following criteria:

  1. Are you drawn by the proposed differentiations and value added?
  2. Is this future offering consistent with the group’s strategic orientation?
  3. Does it have attractive business potential?

The executive committee’s selection was structured and communicated in the form of an Innovation Roadmap, which was then set out as a chronological plan of action involving virtually all the group’s business operations, as well as numerous external partners (lab, start-up, industrial partners). This roadmap was greatly appreciated by the different teams as it set the course and targets and paved the way for genuine collaboration between the different contributors. 

Mission outcome 
  • An Innovation Roadmap developed by means of multidisciplinary collaboration, endorsed by the executive committee and followed since then.
  • An efficient approach to channelling and structuring innovation opportunities was submitted to the customer’s teams.
Indirect mission outcome 
  • Innovations arriving on the market in 2015: “corporate announcement” derived from the roadmap developed in 2011