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“Market and commercial positioning of a digital painting offering”

Major manufacturer of paintbrushes for fine art and the creative arts.
“Market and commercial positioning of a digital painting offering”
Customer scope: 

Corporate management and Strategic Marketing management

Efficient Innovation team: 

2 consultants on a 4-month mission

The management team is considering diversifying, with two objectives:

  • To tap into new markets on the basis of innovations;
  • To promote the historic brand by building a dynamic, innovative image.

The management team asked for our support in defining and structuring an ambitious offering in the field of digital art.

Mission method: 

Our mission consisted of defining a global service offering based on digital art and supporting the customer in this new market. The goal of the chosen approach was to generate commercial synergies with the company’s historic business segment and attract new customers to the fine art range.

We began by conducting a functional analysis of usage in the field of the fine arts and digital painting. This step allowed us to establish a profile of the users, gather information on good practices in France and abroad and identify the positioning key to any new offering

Approach and tools used for the functional analysis:

  • Formalisation of the notion of value;
  • Identification of the key segments of interest in digital painting;
  • Competitive intelligence on digital processing solutions for pictorial art;
  • Determination of potential size of segments (volume and value).

On the basis of this market information, we analysed user needs and expectations (materials and environment) to structure this new service offering. To do so, we met and talked with users, professional painters and fine arts schools.

Approach and tools used for the needs analysis:

  • Analysis of needs and expectations, as well as the relevance of innovation;
  • Relevance of the offering for users and conditions of access to the market;
  • Structuring of the potential offers.

Lastly, we prioritised the service offerings to be launched and structured the operational deployment of the offering selected.

Approach and tools used for prioritisation and operational deployment:

  • Development plan for the digital service offering and definition of the conditions of deployment;
  • Integration and placement of the innovative offering into our customer’s environment à impact on diversification;
  • Economic potential of the project and valuation of the resources required for implementation;
  •  Structural components of the business plan, building of the business case and initial model business plan;
  • Recommendations and implementation of the digital service offering.

Our recommendations resulted in the creation of a digital painting ecosystem based on an online training platform (MOOC) and combining the historic painting stakeholders and the new digital tools (tablets, painting apps, etc.).

The initial goal of the project was largely exceeded, offering the management team an ambitious vision and strategy for its digital business and placing it at the centre of a new division which is set to generate long-term revenue for the company.

Mission outcome 
  • Structuring of a global digital painting service offering
  • Definition of the project launch plan and economic modelling to seek funding for implementation
  • An efficient approach was submitted to the management team with which it was able to orient and structure this innovation opportunity