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Innovation tax credit (France)

A family-owned, intermediate-sized French industrial company and a global leader in professional weighing technology.
In the context of research tax credit (CIR) we implemented a training and action mission to promote project-based scientific research and R&D project plans in a manner consistent with scientific and fiscal requirements.
Efficient Innovation team: 

2 consultants (1 senior and 1 general project engineer) have deployed 2 experts (1 scientific expert and one business expert) since 2013.

The company wanted to gain a greater command of this issue internally and make use of external resources and expertise primarily to manage the process and guarantee quality.

A leader in electronic technology (signal processing) and mechanical technology (command of the physical conditions of signal distortion), the company was investigating new algorithmic technologies which were difficult to document.

Mission method: 

After inspection of the earlier records, we audited the organisation already in place on the basis of which these conventional research dossiers had been drawn up.

For the new fields of research, we sent in one of our scientific experts to sound out eligibility.

We then held a training course to realign the entire R&D team with actual requirements and identify simple means of achieving these.

Our methodology was based on classic cases of this type of mission. What set us apart was first and foremost our capability as a facilitator and our ability to change practices (change management).

Mission outcome 

The quality of our handling of this issue and the results obtained were remarked by the institutional bodies during the scientific inspection conducted during a tax audit.

The company calls on our team every year, as we reposition our work systematically in relation to real-life projects applied to research tax credit (CIR) expertise.

For 2016 the company has once again entrusted us with a mission to define its innovation strategy.

Moreover, although our contribution was a modest one, we note that 6 new R&D posts have been created and that the scope of R&D has been expanded.