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Innovation tax credit (France)

An internationally operating American group with an R&D centre in France, a global stakeholder in the development of industrial pharmaceutical processes.
The company asked us to assess whether it was worthwhile opting for research tax credit (credit impôt recherche, CIR) to support its development plan.
Efficient Innovation team: 

1 mission director, 2 consultants (backed up by 2 project engineers at the height of the mission), 1 scientific expert and one business expert.

Although deterred from looking into research tax issues in France by past experiences, the company contacted us after seeing our references in its scientific field.

It wanted to reassess its previous choice and have arguments to support a possible change of decision to the US board.

Mission method: 

A solid audit was produced in the space of three weeks which showed that it was worthwhile opting for CIR for the current year and retrospectively for the two previous years.
Within 6 weeks,
- We prepared and carried out negotiations with the US board to integrate CIR into the EBITDA calculations in line with American standards (US GAAP) for consolidated accounts.
- We produced a complete business plan for both internal and external auditing, prior to the tax declaration.

Within 6 months we drew up a complete retro-option plan for the two previous years.
We then perpetuated the implementation procedure on an annual basis of project identification, stringent selection and documentation throughout the year.

Mission outcome 

The full sum requested was granted by the institutions.

The company asked our team to provide support on an annual basis.
Moreover, starting in 2016 it has entrusted us with the mission of defining its strategy for obtaining funding for its research activities from institutions at the European level.