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Innovation funding

European leader in battery recycling
Funding of innovation projects in connection with changes in the type of battery arriving on the recycling market.
Customer scope: 

Corporate management, Finance management, R&D management, Factories management

Efficient Innovation team: 

3 consultants for several missions of 4 to 6 months

As a result of developments in mobility technology, especially the power sources, radical changes are taking place in the types of battery used in cars. The volumes these new batteries involve are huge and the technologies behind them relatively unfamiliar.

Consequently, the company needed to develop ad hoc processes for handling large volumes of batteries presenting specific characteristics and hazards. This generated a need for funding.

Mission method: 

This consisted in the first place of determining the overall funding needs.

We proposed to the management a complete funding strategy which made use of French tax incentives aimed at promoting R&D, but also included seeking complementary public funding. The environment and energy section of the Investments for the Future Programme (PIA) mobilises substantial funding to help French companies develop and subsequently implement their R&D projects.


We therefore helped our customer compile the application for PIA funding. Since this was a collaborative project, we should point out that our mission was to support both project partners. The mission consisted of working with the partners to present the project to the funding body prior to the official application by helping them formulate it in accordance with the expectations in this type of programme. In the second phase, we were put in charge of gathering the requisite elements for the application (technical, financial and economic) to compile a high-quality final proposal with all the deliverables expected by the funding body. We also helped our customer respond to the different questions and comments of the funding body during the "negotiation" phase. Our main interlocutor was the project manager, and also the administrative department and the technical director.

At the same time, with our customer we drew up the application for research tax credit (Crédit Impôt Recherche). This task consisted first of all in defining the eligibility of the R&D projects and the associated expenditure. We sought to optimise the calculations of expenditure while making the proposal watertight. In concrete terms, we worked together with the administrative and financial department and the technical managers. Our missions consisted of providing advice to justify the eligibility of the projects and backing up justification, notably by drafting the technical arguments. Our support continued right up to the official submission to the respective authorities.

Mission outcome 
  • €4M of funding obtained for the innovation project
  • Research tax credit obtained since 2012