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Support in designing and engineering AVRIL Group’s participation in the Concours Mondiale de l’Innovation (World Innovation Competition)
Customer scope: 

Innovation management, Corporate management

Efficient Innovation team: 

Team from the Agro expertise unit

AVALON: French acronym for Improving the Value of Oleo-proteins by Nitrogenous Fractions (N)

This mission was a part of AVRIL Group's intention to radically change strategy in the decades ahead. The AVALON project is helping place the Group’s protein business at the centre of corporate development, on a par with oils. AVRIL has the ambition of creating value in its oils and proteins businesses now and for the long term, and in this way contribute to improving human nutrition while preserving the environment.

Mission method: 

Our work was divided into two phases:

  1. Designing the project in relation to the strategic expectations and internal ecosystem:
    1. Validating the project scope to make it ambitious but feasible with the existing teams
    2. Assistance in building the partnership to establish medium to long-term technical and scientific support
  2. Working with the customer to mount the project in line with Bpifrance's expectations so as to maximise the chances of success
    1. Writing the technical annex with the project manager
    2. Drawing up the budget
    3. Support in drawing up the consortium agreement
    4. Gathering the administrative and financial documents
    5. Submitting all these on the Bpifrance secure interface

Mission outcome 

Competition won, presentation of the prizes by President Hollande

Indirect mission outcome 

Creation of a Proteins business unit within the Group