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Application for European funding

A French SME and European leader in microwave radar technology
To put together an application for European funding under the SME Instrument programme
Efficient Innovation team: 

Efficient Innovation team: 2 consultants on a 3-month mission

The client wished to develop a microwave device to improve security at sensitive sites by detecting objects hidden on persons: in airports, railway stations, at ports and in prisons.

To fund development, the customer wanted to take advantage of European Commission funding, in particular the SME Instrument programme.

Since this funding is very difficult to get (success rate ≈ 5-10%), the customer sought assistance in drawing up a competitive proposal which would meet the expectations of the expert evaluators.

Mission method: 

Our mission consisted of presenting the project in a positive light from every perspective: reaching the market, demonstration of a relevant technological innovation, sound, cost-effective business model, capacity to implement the project, effective exploitation of results.

Our methodology was based on analysis of the technical documents describing the project, regular telephone exchanges and a few physical meetings. The Efficient Innovation team took full charge of drafting the proposal with successive iterations of cross-proofreading.

Effective collaboration with the project leader meant that we were able to draw up an excellent proposal which was selected for funding by the European Commission. Further to this positive response, we also supported the project leader in drawing up the funding agreement with the EC.

The project was being developed during 2015 and should yield initial results by the end of 2016.

Mission outcome 

This 14-strong SME received European funding of some 1 million euros over two years and was able to launch its technological innovation project for the development and deployment of passive MM-wave radar.

Indirect mission outcome 

The innovation due to come onto the market in 2017 is a new passive system for detecting objects hidden under people's clothes.