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Project management

Project management for new, innovative offerings

How to build new, innovative offers from strategic needs or a co-worker initiative? Our consultants use an ad hoc approach and involve the right internal and external expertise to advance from an idea to development or from an idea to the market, as needed. We provide de facto training for your future innovation facilitators.

Managing collaborative project consortiums

How to improve your customer/supplier relations during the development phase? The minimum we do is to take charge of the reporting to the funding bodies. But beyond that, we provide genuine operational coordination for complex projects involving multiple, frequently international partners.

Managing optimisation

How to optimise your development budgets, keep project schedules and risks under control, and improve the profitability of your business units? Embedded in the realities of your industry, our consultants work on frequently critical issues (high-volume production, complex equipment and infrastructure, calls for proposals) using, as appropriate, a wide range of tools and methods (design-to-cost, lean development, diversity management, risk management) to attain or even exceed cost improvement targets.

Delegation of expertise

How to stay focused on the technical and strategic issues? How to monitor the progress of innovative projects without wearing yourself out? And find time to carry out your management tasks? 
Efficient Innovation detaches its own staff and the necessary tools to work as a part of your teams at your location for medium to long-term periods. Efficient Innovation delegates this tailored expertise (profiles, missions, duration, effort, rare expertise), which becomes the point of entry for our full range of know-how.

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