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Funding through tax legislation

How to make full, lasting use of fiscal instruments for innovation (JEI (Young Innovative Enterprise status), CII (innovation tax credit) and CIR (research tax credit))? Efficient Innovation works with its customers in a spirit of “rational optimisation”. Analysis of the scientific and technical issues specific to your business will ensure that your project is eligible. We calculate the price of our intervention exactly, according to the workload.

Funding for individual or collaborative projects/national or international projects

How to raise the chances of success of your applications? Efficient Innovation draws up and submits more than 150 applications a year for European programmes (e.g. H2020, Life+, Eurêka, Cleansky), French programmes (e.g. FUI, AMI, PIA, ANR, Bpifrance subsidies) and local programmes (Feder, regional calls for proposals), with success rates in clear excess of observed averages. As speakers, coaches and experts from various funding organisations (Bpifrance, DGE, European Commission), our consultants also participate in national and European working groups (GTN PME, GTN Transports, GTN FOOD, Earto).

Funding through loans

How to give yourself greater means to innovate or boost your equity while keeping control of your company? Our consultants structure your needs, help you build an appropriate funding strategy and make use of the numerous existing tools and measures to support your investments (EIB, Bpifrance, regional councils, CGI investment fund, bank innovation clusters). This expert financial engineering input gets you the funding you need while limiting costs and risks, as well as the arrival of new shareholders.

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