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Strategy, studies & business models, roadmaps

Which strategic choices should you make for your future innovations? Will your innovation opportunity find a market and if so, which business model should you apply? How can you generate, formulate, select and share your portfolio of innovation opportunities? How can you prioritise and set a budget for your Research, Innovation and Development portfolio? We provide strategic responses to these questions, and many others.

Marketing studies

What is the differentiating value of your technological or non-technological innovation? What type of market is accessible to you? With which business model?
Which calls for proposals are worth going for, what collaborative programmes might you consider to build ties with your future customers? What funding can you raise and how are you going to get started?

To answer your questions and those of the support units assisting you, we have expert teams with recognised skills in these areas. 

Structuring innovation, change management, innovation culture

How can you make the transformations and changes of direction that will make innovation a permanent, shared process within your organisation which benefits your growth? In carrying out hundreds of successful missions, Efficient Innovation has created and honed InnovationShip®, an exclusive change management process. Customised to suit your expectations and objectives, Innovationship® pulls all the levers to develop and sustain your innovation culture and practices.

Generating opportunities, Open Innovation, design thinking

How to get your teams to deploy and make full use of their creativity? Our consultants facilitate the generation of innovative offerings by using and sharing approaches and tools such as design thinking, the new business model, lean start-up and agile innovation, with a view to delivering results.

We can also put you in contact with our Innovacteurs network to exploit the possibilities of Open Innovation.

Structuring and financially optimising your portfolio

How to identify and best combine funding instruments among the complex array which have been set up by local, national and international public authorities to bear some of the risks involved in Research, Innovation and Development projects? Our consultants provide the financial engineering exploiting the objectives, rules and terms of each of these measures (subsidies, loans, repayable advances, reductions in contributions, tax credits) for the benefit of your project or portfolio.

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