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Helping our customers to innovate fast, well and with adequate means – has been the commitment of Efficient Innovation for more than 15 years. Using sound, reliable methodological bases, we provide flexible, broad, precise and tailored responses to:

  • Activate the vital forces within your organisation and strengthen your capacity to innovate,
  • Convert opportunities into innovative projects with a view to a successful market launch,
  • Increase the performance and added value of your offerings.

There is neither one way nor a thousand ways, but an infinite number of ways to transform an innovation opportunity into success. Our consultants get involved in your future growth and competitiveness: together with you, they devise ways to get you there and help you choose the one that suits you best.


The importance of innovation in the differentiation, development, transformation and competitiveness of companies, services and territories is a proven fact.
The issue at stake today is efficiency: companies have to succeed both in innovating over the long term and making each innovative offering a sustainable success.
For Efficient Innovation, that means:
  • Working rigorously, creatively and as freely as possible,
  • Knowing how to break habits and re-evaluate in order to advance,
  • Mobilising all the necessary human, material and financial means,
  • Investing to create value and invest again.
Our consultants strive to share this vision in all their missions.


Closeness to the customer

Our consultants adapt to and blend in with your circumstances and processes. They speak the language of your business, your industry and your challenges. They form a close team in which sharing, transfers and synergy are fluid processes.

The human dimension

95% of our customers are loyal to us: this is due firstly to our results, but also to the relational quality of our support. Our consultants enjoy working with you because they feel concerned with, involved and passionately interested in your innovation project.


Along with ethics, professionalism and responsiveness, reliability is one of the foundation stones of our service. The scope of our consultants’ missions is defined by a transparency established budget according to the created added value and the time required to complete the mission.  For us, confidentiality is a matter of routine.