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Today, transport is one of the pillars upholding the smooth functioning of the economy and society. The increase in urban, suburban and interurban mobility is a multiple source of growth for French companies, the traditional leaders in this sector.

The experts of Efficient Innovation’s Transport unit are called on to:

  • Devise concepts and find funding for the R&D of tomorrow’s transport systems
  • Consider the major challenges (environmental, technological, energy efficiency, connectivity) and convert them into innovation opportunities
  • Help customers remain competitive in the face of tougher competition and increasingly efficient low-cost offers
  • Give customers access to competitive infrastructures while containing costs


+33 (0)6 25 21 32 43


Areas of expertise 


Efficient Innovation in the world of aeronautics…

In a buoyant market which is reaching maturity, Efficient Innovation provides input in all areas where stronger links are needed between integrators and suppliers, from the design stage right up to final development and ramp-up. Efficient Innovation also works to help customers gain an understanding of the new, fast-evolving needs of users and operators.

The shape of travel is developing, resulting in high service content, real-time content and homogeneity of services, and the industry leaders have a long way to go to meet the anticipated innovations.

Automotive sector

Automotive sector

Numerous challenges are facing automakers, such as the need for a global presence to take advantage of growth markets or embedded systems technologies for which the R&D is increasingly costly, to cite just two examples. Efficient Innovation works with them on projects such as:

  • Optimisation of business costs
  • Funding R&D
  • Building the capacity of OEMs and suppliers to innovate
  • Technology shifts, such as connectivity


France’s “Great Network Modernisation Plan” entails heavy investment from numerous stakeholders (the network, Infra, the railway companies, transport authorities, etc.).

Efficient Innovation supports projects, for example, by:

  • Optimising investment in major structural projects (e.g. Saint Lazare 2030) as well as smaller lines via numerous “fresh start” approaches and value engineering
  • Defining and funding tomorrow’s train and metro projects
Urban mobility

Urban mobility

Efficient Innovation supports projects involving multiple transport and public authorities in areas such as:

  • Multimodality
  • Clean transport
  • Urban freight
  • Implementing master plans
  • Developing new infrastructures
  • Funding and integrating innovative offers into the ecosystem

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