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For us, the development of our employees is a key concern.
We use a unique in-company integration process: the school of innovation. This training course helps our new employees to learn our company’s methods, assimilate its tools and acquire its values. The organisation and management promote skills development, decompartmentalisation of posts and cross-business work methods. Our employees continue in the profile best suited to them at the start, or are transferred to other competencies and other posts depending on the skills and talents they reveal over time.

Working at Efficient Innovation
Junior consultant

With an advanced degree from a reputed engineering school or school of commerce, a junior consultant will possess crucial professional skills and excellent soft skills. During the internal training period, he or she will learn the values, methods and tools of Efficient Innovation. Although working autonomously, junior consultants are mentored by an experienced consultant who ensures their steady development within the company.

Experienced consultant

With several years of consulting experience, this seasoned consultant acts as project manager for customers. He or she manages teams of junior consultants and maintains and develops a portfolio of missions, also practising critical appraisal to improve Efficient Innovation’s internal processes and the company’s tools and methods, and always adapting to continuously evolving innovation.

Senior consultant

With more than 8 years of experience, the senior consultant works primarily with Efficient Innovation’s key accounts, managing their major and strategic projects. With an attentive ear and an analytical mind, he or she is capable of managing teams of consultants effectively and is fully aware of the specifics and issues at stake in each mission.