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In-company school

Current university courses do not enable young graduates to be perfectly operational in the services delivered by Efficient Innovation.


This is why Efficient Innovation has created its own in-company school, the objective of which is to accelerate acquisition of the elements which are key to quality consulting missions in the field of innovation.
This academy works to raise the personal performance of Efficient Innovation’s co-workers in the three fundamental values among the key criteria for applicant selection.


1. Thirst for culture:

Changes in our environments are constants which force us to continually adapt our offerings to maintain them at the highest level.
Understanding new models, comparison with other cultures and the capacity to cultivate critical judgement are fundamental in any innovation which is likely to be appropriated by the markets.
Its contributions to missions of all kinds provide the material from which Efficient Innovation carves out its analytical skills.
Efficient Academy develops modules intended to strengthen and assuage the curiosity of its co-workers and their capacity for interaction – fundamental value number one.

2. A methodical mindset:

Faced with complex challenges, the paths to take are defined case by case.
To trace these new routes, a methodical mindset and a solid base of experience are indispensable.
Precise definition of projects and project organisation and of the role of each and every person involved in implementing them are key to the trust that each player has to have in the aims and deliverables to be achieved. This allows the teams to enter uncertain environments autonomously and to keep to promised deadlines and budget and performance targets.
Efficient Innovation’s missions are all based on perfectly proven methodological foundations, and the new “bricks” are thoroughly tested before they are used.
Efficient Academy trains co-workers in difficult cases, establishing a firm basis for a methodical mindset on the part of its co-workers – fundamental value number two

3. Leadership:

Everyone hesitates before launching themselves into a difficult task.
Once convinced that a project is well-founded and that the measures are sound, the consultants at Efficient Innovation are the first to engage.
Because they are inspired and bold, and they know the confidence it inspires in their team-mates to see projects take off and become a reality.
This sharing and the power transmitted by a group involved in transforming realities form the essence of progress, and are absolutely crucial if young co-workers are to follow, equal and surpass the successes of their predecessors.
Efficient Academy inspires co-workers as to the importance of social skills, sharing and group work when implementing complex projects, through a spirit of leadership that can take diverse forms – fundamental value number three.

A trilogy:

The exceptional training at Efficient Academy is aimed at providing the best: the right tools for making ambitious and complex stories attractive.
The ensuing implementation proves to trainees how worthwhile it is to determinedly engage in missions where the end results are certain.
Similar courses exist internationally, run by consultancy players with whom Efficient Innovation has ties. Also, exchanges, aimed at mutual enrichment, are an established part of training.
The human capital at Efficient Innovation is its prime asset, the one which ensures its customers' trust.
The commitment of Efficient Innovation to the continuous development, mobility, autonomy, freedom and capacity to undertake of its co-workers generates rich potential for development and a capacity to adapt for the company.